sloth life – living in slow motion

snapshot_011-2So what? We’re lazy, and we like it like that! lol Looks like sort of a family portrait, doesn’t it? This picture has been taken a while before we actually became a family, but while I was going thru my albums, a couple of days ago, it immediately caught my eye and I said to myself “why not? it’s pretty representative!” lol So here’s to you, my personal slothie bear (♥), and these sort of funny shouldersitters from theosophy  🙂 Enjoy!


 What I am wearing:
sweatpants – Shu Shu (10L)
sneakers – Purf (495L)
cardigan – M.O.W. (5L)
hair – Analog Dog (0L, in a bubble behind the landing point, on the left)
sloths – theosophy (175L for the couple)



Well ladies… sit down in your favorite armchairs and have close a glass of water with some sugar in, I’m gonna tell you something that would make your legs shake: Baby Monkey‘s CEO, Pixie, has put a ton of slink mid/high heels on sale. Permanently, they will be marked down to 100L$! So, what I would advice is, sneakiny steal your husbands’ plastics and rush at the mainstore, you will find them upstairs… just make sure you don’t fall in the rush! lol Second advice is, have a tasty dinner ready for those poor hubbies when you go back home, because believe me, you will need more than some quick apologies! What comes after, just depends on the entity of the damage 😛 In this post I am showing you one of the heels I picked, it’s called Sara and it comes in 32 colors, as usual. I matched it with the Juno bag, again upstairs, again in 32 colors, for 25L$. What I find amazing is how easily you can match many of these items, because their HUDS are basically provided with the same range of colors! The result is clear in these pictures 🙂 Notation: I even matched my nails with my accessories! Again from Baby Monkey, it’s the Spring/Summer 2014 Glossy set, available at the mainstore for 150L$.
Another good tip, the clearance sale at Faenzo is still there! Yesterday I grabbed the Blair dress in indigo, and a bunch of other items. My earrings are part of the Esra’s Giant Teardrop set from Maxi Gossamer, available at the mainstore for 299L. My necklace is a past gift from MoiMoi.



shape – Baby Monkey, Fae
skin – WoW Skins, Eshe
hair – Truth, Dasha
eyes – *(OO)*YUKI




 skin – WoW Skins, october group gift (350L to join)
hair – Feline, little bones (group gift, 100L to join)
earrings – Crux Invictus, Chop Zuey (299L)
jacket – Rowne, Minou (350L)
skirt – Basic Belted skirt salmon, even.flow (group gift, free joining)
bag – Faenzo, Leather Messenger (100L)
shoes – Baby Monkey, Hanné (100L for the fatpack)