sloth life – living in slow motion

So what? We’re lazy, and we like it like that! lol Looks like sort of a family portrait, doesn’t it? This picture has been taken a while before we actually became a family, but while I was going thru my albums, a couple of days ago, it immediately caught my eye and I said to myself “why not? it’s pretty representative!” lol So here’s to you, my personal slothie bear (♥), and these sort of funny shouldersitters from theosophy  🙂 Enjoy!


 What I am wearing:
sweatpants – Shu Shu (10L)
sneakers – Purf (495L)
cardigan – M.O.W. (5L)
hair – Analog Dog (0L, in a bubble behind the landing point, on the left)
sloths – theosophy (175L for the couple)


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