all I want for christmas…

Lots coming up in today’s post!! Sweetest first, I am now part of the sexy Maai blogging team! I’m sort of thrilled, I couldn’t really believe I got picked to represent them, but I’m insanely happy and excited about it! Lesson to learn: whatever it is, give it a try! Now, I gave a quick look (quick look – mh – that’s debatable!) at what’s been released in the past couple weeks and woosh… lots of sexy stuff coming up… stay tuned ladies! For my introductory post I chose an amazing gown especially designed for your Christmas-themed evenings at the ballroom… you’ll see 😛 But let’s talk about hunts and events. “All I want for Christmas Hunt” has just started and will be going on until the end of december, and La Boheme joined it with a new set of nail appliers. In matter of events instead, you might think differently but on my side the not-to-miss event of the season (and of the year!) is the huge hair sale at Truth! All the hairstyles in the mainstore will be reduced to 50% until the 15th 🙂 Now a couple of tips I feel like giving, even tho I’m sure tha the 90% of you already figured it out. As usual, lag is terrible there since the event started, and you can hardly teleport since the region is constantly full!… but if you wanna fool it, right before you rush and struggle to teleport in, you might want to take a look at Truth Hawks’ flickr profile, where you will find displayed all the hairstyles in the store. Pick your faves and look for them on the marketplace, then buy the demos and try them on (and again and again and again) at home. Then wear a full body alpha – contact me inworld (sibyllvane) if you want one, it’s opensource! – and try to teleport… until you make it! Once you filled up your shopping cart, don’t hang on there… leave room for the next hair addicted to teleport! If we all did this, our Truth’s sale experience would be smoother, so… share this tip with your friends! 🙂 See you at the next post! Snapshot_001   gown – Elsa Christmas edition, Maai (99L) NEW!!
hair – Laurie, Truth (125L)
nails – Swirly Shield, La Boheme (All I want for Christmas Hunt, 0L)


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