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What’s relevant in this post:

bra – flower love (freebie, >here<)
vest – Bianca in teal, Velvet Fox NEW!!
jeans – Anna, Ricielli (Christmas hunt gift, 15L)
heels – Winter gift, Mimi’s Boutique (group gift)

dress – Richie Mini, Loovus (500 Likes on FB gift)
boots – Laryn, Rowena’s Designs NEW!!
scarf – Snood, League (freebie)

jacket – Chiara, Hysterical Glam (on sale >here<)
jeans – LQM Metallic, Redgrave
glasses – Elation, Meisu (subscriber gift)
heels – Kady, Ricielli


old times…

Yep, the one in the picture is Jay telling me to hurry up with my camera… a man, some patience… lol But the actual aim of this pic is to introduce my newest sponsor… Serenity Style! I got to know about this brand not so long ago, but it was love at first sight! It’s a matter of fact that I love to decorate and I’m super happy I will be able to mess around with some deliciousness :3
In this post I am showcasing items from different events… let’s have a look!Snapshot_004

pouff, coffee table, “Old Times” frame, book w/ coffee, shack – Old Times set for The Gacha Mania
lyers, frame on the left wall – London gacha set for Leaf on the Wind event
Sherlock silhouette, red frame – Sherlock World set for Leaf on the Wind event
tray – Tea Time set for Leaf on the Wind event

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black widow.

Hi lovely readers! Today’s post is focused on a pretty nice little sale going on right now! YAY! 😀 It recently came to my knowledge that Nya’s Shop marked all its stuffs down to 75L$! That’s a chance you won’t like to miss! Here’s a little taste of what you will find at the mainstore… Enjoy 🙂

lipstick – La Boheme, Matte Lips in wine
top – Nya’s Shop, Leather Bustier NEW!!
pants – Nya’s Shop, Laced Leggins NEW!!
shoes – Nya’s Shop, Laced Ankle Boots NEW!!
fur – IS, Fur Stole (>here<)

Amy goes to London.

Amy, also known as Scarlet Chandrayaan (owner of Alouette) in Second Life, is one tough young lady. At the young age of 26 Amy was planning the big move interstate with her boyfriend ready to start a fresh new life together when she received the news no one ever wants to hear. Cancer that she had fought off once before has returned and this time it’s worse. The doctors have given her 2 years at the most if she just continues on with life as it is at the moment and makes the most of the time she has left. There are a few options open to her, but none a sure fire cure all. No one wants to be dealt this blow, whether young or having lived a long life, but Amy is soldiering on with a smile on her face ready to battle this with whatever options she can. We’re all hoping she can fight this once more and live a long life. Leaf on the Wind is a fundraising event that will be held to benefit Amy in hopes of helping her make a wish come true of visiting London. Leaf On The Wind fundraising event will be held January 10th to February 1st 2015 with designers offering items in the theme All Things London. You can also find out more information on the blog – http://leafonthewindsl.wordpress.com/

In this post I am showing you the London Pied à Terre furnished made exclusively by Kaerri for this event 🙂



Also relevant are the newest group gift from  Beautiful Dirty Rich, this cozy outfit in red (coming with two more complete outfits!!) and the newest release from Pathos, the Clara nails applier for slink, available for Omega as well! Last but not least, my skin comes from Insol, and it’s a freebie that you can find >here<! 🙂