clinging in and out.

There’s been quite a fuss lately around some gacha place giving out this Kim Kardashian mesh head as group gift, thru spamming or what else I’m not gonna debate now… all I know is that I had to get it and see how it’d look! Honest opinion, I had no great expectations about it since I had seen it on the marketplace few weeks ago and its look didn’t blow my mind… so well, wearing it didn’t make it much better, as its outline is not very delicate and those lips look a bit too plumpy to me, although both these flaws can be softened using the right hairstyle: on this note I noticed it works best with voluminous curls or waves. So there you are, in the picture below I compared it with the mesh head I use regularly, which is not the best around either but still unbeaten by any others currently on the market. Clothing credits go to Emporium: Lizzy outfit, on the left, includes skirt top and cardigan and it’s being featured at the current round of The Showroom (until July 26th), while Cindy can be found at Anybody, the July round going on till the end of the month. Enjoy!


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