eyes – YUKI, SOS eyes (gift @ The Seasons Story)
outfit – LaVian, The Last Goodbye
heels – Tameless, Pritty Goth shoes @ Pastel Goth Fair
mask – The Nebulae!, Bat Patch @ The Truth About Bats and Avies until Oct 31st
necklace+earrings – Beloved Jewelry, Pewter (hunt gift @ Flawless Frightful&Delightful Cart Sale until Nov 1st)
purse – Irrie’s Dollhouse, Fall Doll Cameo Clutch @ Flawless Frightful&Delightful Cart Sale until Nov 1st
cross bracelet – Euphori X-Treme, Ladies Silver Bracelet W/ Crucifix
rings – Izzie’s, Midi
thumb ring – The Nebulae!, Chiroptera (gift @ the Bats in the Belfry Hunt)
bracelet – Hilly Haalan, part of the Almila outfit (GG)


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