about trends.

This blog was born as a way to express my point of view about fashion in SL, but it has soon become a way to expand my perspective! SL is home to thousands of great artists and designers whose creations are totally inspiring for me, thus offering loads of inputs to mix up and play with. I am climbing up on this endless learning curve, the ride is exciting and I’m totally eager to see where it will lead me to!
So… what can I say… Stay tuned! I have a lot to show you… the best is still to come!

*Listed below the body credits for those items I frequently use for my posts, if not stated differently*
mesh head – LOGO, Alex
eyes – Dulce Secrets
shape – Baby Monkey, Perfect Fae (edited)
mesh bodies – Kitties Lair (Lena), Maitreya (Lara)
mesh hands/feet – Slink
ears – Mandala, HUTUU Simple ears
eyebrows – La Boheme
long pointed nails – IAFGorgeous Dolls
claws – Gorgeous Dolls
piercings – A&A Diamanté


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